Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bullet Train Authority Shoots Itself in the Foot

With any big public works project, a report that an independent consultant had been pressured by the responsible government agency to hide a nearly $1 billion increase in project cost is absolutely outrageous. Pathetically enough, when it comes to the bullet train and the California High-Speed Rail Authority, it’s far from the worst outrage.  link
And this is the state I will depend on for my retirement.


maxutils said...

Ahh, the bullet train ... that thing which California voters approved. Blaming the government now for screwing things up even worse belies the true problems: it's way too easy to get ballot initiatives up for a vote, and California voters tend to vote favorably for anything that spends 'other people's money'. Had this initiative lost, we wouldn't need to be questioning it now. I seriously doubt that no one is ever going to take this train anywhere. Under the best of circumstances, the predicted fares from NoCal to SoCal would not beat Southwest ... and it still takes longer.

maxutils said...

And I apologize for the double negative ... I seriously doubt anyone will ever take the train.