Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Should Every Kid Go To College?

If college is supposed to represent some sort of advanced or more demanding level of education, why has it become a national priority to send every kid to college? Wouldn’t the nation be better off if at some point it said to these young people, “you can go to college if you want, but we’re not paying for it”?
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Auntie Ann said...

Something is wrong when so many kids have to take remedial classes when starting "college". The college-for-all push combined with the massive number of remedial students is just masking the utter failure of so many of our public K-12 schools.

No, everybody should *not* go to college, but that is predicated on the idea that they have actually already gotten a *high school* education--education, not diploma. That is a fact not in evidence.

If K-12 education was largely adequate, the number of college students could drop significantly.