Monday, April 28, 2014

Have You Noticed The Racist, Misogynist Democrats Lately?

I'm going to ignore the LA Clippers owner.  I've read he's a registered Republican, but the only politicians to whom he's given money have been Democrats--whaddayagonnado?  I heard his "discussion" on the radio this morning, and whatever his political leaning, it doesn't surprise me that someone of his generation might be a bit more racist than you or I.  And the way he spoke to that girl (she's early 20's?)--he's not going to be getting any awards from the NOW gang.  I'm sure the NAACP will rescind the Lifetime Achievement Award they were going to award him (really, they were!) in just a few weeks.

So let's ignore that old coot and look at a couple others.  Complete with links that even lefties can't dismiss (that means the SF Chronicle!) we get Woman-Beating Obama Donor Gets Fired, Whines About Being the Victim:
His Democrat connections kept him out of prison, but he won’t get to keep his job... Seems like a real class act. Beat the woman senseless, then basically calls her a slut.
But who is he?  He's just a nobody who donated enough money to get his picture taken with President Obama; I'm sure there's a Republican out there somewhere who beat up a woman, so "both sides do it", right?  Uh huh.

How about a California legislator?
The year Alejo was preparing for law school, voters altered his prospects by passing Proposition 209, California’s ban on race-inclusive admissions policies. Alejo and others unsuccessfully fought the initiative, a losing battle that he described as a formative political experience.

“’All our fears came true,’ said Alejo, a Democrat from Watsonville. ‘Once it went into effect, we saw dramatic drops in the numbers of students of color being able to attend some of our most prestigious graduate and professional schools.’”

But of course there haven’t been overall “dramatic drops” of “students of color” if you include Asian-Americans. They are the largest ethnic group at UC campuses — 35 percent at UC Berkeley and 33 percent at UCLA...

What makes it obnoxious is that Alejo acts as if he holds the moral high ground in advocating for a return to UC admissions policies that punished Asian-American students with de facto quotas — in the name of atoning for white racism.

Racial justice? Social justice?

Joke justice.
Asians aren't "minorities" if they "succeed".  So isn't this Hispanic legislator saying, essentially, that blacks and Hispanics just aren't as smart as whites and Asians?  That they're just not as capable?

If you don't agree that that's the meaning, how else can you possibly twist his words to get some other, liberal-approved meaning?

This is what happens when the only play in your playbook is to divide people by race.  Pretty soon your circular firing squad will start firing at members of your own coalition.

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