Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Only Conclusion To Be Drawn Is That California Does Not Want This Industry Operating In The State

Does anyone truly believe that these new rules are for worker safety?  Really?
California’s workplace safety guardians have proposed an amendment to a bill that would require porn stars to wear protective goggles while filming.
This is on the tail of last year's law that requires all porn actors to use condoms during sex:
After the measure passed, the number of requests for porn production permits in Los Angeles dropped from an annual norm of 500 to two. Now it appears that California politicians are looking to implement even more expansive protective barrier mandates. 
Are there any other profitable businesses we don't want in this state? You know, like oil drilling, perhaps?

This is an example of too much government just chasing situations to govern.

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maxutils said...

In fairness ... the condom rule was, at least by some reports, intended to drive porn out of the area. If you choose leaders who support that position, you got what you wanted. I wouldn't personally support it, especially since porn, like legal brothels, already tests for STDs and tries to promote safety. They have incentive to. To my knowledge, there has been exactly one case of passing on an STD from porn shoots, in forever. (and yes, it was aids ...but still. Airplanes sometimes crash, and are still allowed to fly). My only thought is ...goggle porn might be kind of kinky ...