Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nobody But Liberals Believed That Tripe Anyway

The Republican Party Isn't Really the Anti-Science Party
Conservative conflict with science on evolution and global warming has been exaggerated—while liberals get a free pass for their own failings.

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maxutils said...

I guess the first thing is ... those who are seriously religious are by definition anti-science. Democrat OR Republican. Because, if they were, they would't be believing in a story book and trying to fit science in to their religion. And, like it or not, Republicans pound the religion issue more than Democrats ... and frequently, not occasionally make themselves look like idiots... to cite just one case, the 'R' who said a woman couldn't get pregnant from rape, because the vagina had natural protection from rape semen ... I don't personally know whether global warming is man made ... but I do know that weather is cyclical, it's good to impose cost efficient environmental laws, and that nothing will matter if the rest of the world doesn't join us, anyway.