Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Election Shenanigans

Claiming that requiring voter ID is racist is a canard designed to conceal voter fraud, it's as simple as that.  To show my sincerity I'd be willing to grant free identification cards to all citizens who have proven their citizenship and have no other ID, even though I question whether there's any citizen out there who truly doesn't have such identification.  After all, the list of things for which you need an ID includes just about everything but breathing.  How many people do you know who don't do any of these things and also don't have ID?  I don't know any, either.

Anyway, here's one opinion piece suggesting that requiring voter ID isn't suppressing the vote:
Democrats who oppose voter ID have consistently claimed that it suppresses votes. If they are correct, then Texas should have seen turnout drop off in 2013 compared with the closest comparable election.


maxutils said...

I find it amusing that Democrats, who normally decry racism, steadfastly maintain that minorities are disproportionately unable to obtain an ID. And the poor can't either: those same poor that use government assistance, which requires ID, and disproportionately smoke and drink, both of which require ID.

Ellen K said...

What is interesting to note is that the recent election used the Texas voter ID law and election numbers, normally low for such an election, were notably higher. Furthermore, people who didn't have the ID we allowed to vote on a provisional ballot and prove their identity the next day. I simply don't see a problem with proving who you are and that you live in the designated precinct to vote when you have to show ID to buy liquor, pick up kids at school or cash checks. This is a shell argument for the Left to cover for identity theft as a means to control elections. It's been done before. Look up LBJ's 1948 senatorial elections and Duval County. The Justice Dept wants Texas to go blue and they will import illegals to vote under their pressure by manipulating the voting rights act. They will try all along the border, but Texas is their main target.