Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crying Racial Wolf

Everyone but the diehard Obama fans is admitting what is clearly obvious--that the planning that went into this socialist disaster was horrible, that the president lied about being able to keep your insurance if you like it, that it's a screw-up of monumental proportions.  So what do those diehard defenders do?  They break out the race card!  I like Instapundit's response:
Yawn. Race-talk is employed when Democrats are losing. Nobody takes it seriously anymore, not even Democrats. “The charge of racism is a sign of desperation. Expect to hear it more and louder in the coming weeks and months as the ObamaCare failures multiply.”

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allen (in Michigan) said...

Actually, the race card's employed more or less continually.

Winning, losing or just out of boredom lefties decry racism even if they have to invent new forms of racism to which they can strenuously object and blame conservatives.