Saturday, November 09, 2013

Boys At School

I thought the juxtaposition of these two stories was slightly funny:

Let Boys Be Boys--stop treating them as defective girls

Boy suspended from school for wearing a purse--is wearing a purse truly disruptive to the educational environment?  Really?


maxutils said...

That is funny. A side note ... I used to be a Raiders season ticket holder, until I finally gave up hope and reduced the cost of my suffering to a fraction of my cable bill...whenever I went, and I usually travelled by train, or car/BART to avoid the hassle of the parking lot, I would bring papers to grade, in my very normal size backpack. Well ... one week, they decided to change their policy: I could no longer bring my backpack in, due to heightened security. I could only bring in a clear plastic bag. I pointed out that several women around me were bringing in opaque purses much larger purses than my only-math-test-having backpack ...which I opened for inspection. Security: "Yeah ... but those are PURSES." Me: "So, if next week I bring these same test papers in a purse, you'll let me bring it in?" Security: "No." Me: "Why not?" Security: "Because ... You're a GUY." True story.

PeggyU said...

Wear a dress, and I bet they won't hassle you. :)