Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Technological Nirvana

I finally have the technology setup that I've been seeking for my classroom for years.

70" widescreen TV, big enough for everyone to see everything I project onto it.  Sharp's anti-glare screen is very good.

Capability to project what's on my computer screen up onto the TV.

Elmo document camera wired into the TV--full screen projection when using the Elmo, no black bars on the sides or top/bottom.

It works much better than the iPad Elmo-like setup I had and it's everything I've been trying to get for years.



Steve USMA '85 said...

So we should see marked improvement in your student's test scores to justify the investment?

Darren said...

If that were the criterion we'd purchase *no* such equipment for schools, ever. :-) This is a case of "the money was going to be blown on equipment anyway, may as well be blown on my classroom as on the next one".