Sunday, September 08, 2013

Wait Till They Get Scores From The New Tests!

I admit, I wouldn't mind not having to give these tests this year:
California students and teachers are set to receive a one-year reprieve from standardized testing requirements that have become a routine part of school culture each spring.

A plan introduced Wednesday in the state Legislature would end the use of STAR tests in math and English for the school year already under way – a year earlier than planned.

In their place, schools could opt in to computer-based assessments aligned to new curriculum standards called Common Core.

The annual release of the data gathered from state assessments would be suspended as well.

The one-year lift on public reporting requirements comes after statewide declines on English and math STAR tests last school year.

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Ellen K said...

If it's anything like our STAAR tests, you won't like it. Scores were down especially in writing.