Saturday, September 28, 2013

This One's A Genius

Remember that Original Series Star Trek episode called Spock's Brain, in which the most memorable line is, "Brain, brain, what is brain???"  That quote applies to California's junior senator, who recently said that President Obama--he who has never signed a federal budget--has cut the budget deficit in half:
The White House provides the following deficit numbers:
2005: $318 billion
2006: $248 billion
2007: $161 billion
2008: $459 billion
2009: $1.41 trillion
2010: $1.29 trillion
2011: $1.3 trillion
2012: $1.09 trillion
2013 (projected): $973 billion
Note the deficit numbers started going up after Democrats took control of the Congress.  Boxer states:
I am so proud to be a Democrat.
Boxer is an idiot and a disgrace, and that she keeps getting reelected is more evidence of how messed up California is.  You might say, "No, it's evidence of how bad the Republicans are," but seriously, how many people, not just Republicans but people, are stupider than she is?  Can you name one--one--accomplishment of hers in, what, 20 years in the Senate?  Is there any evidence, any at all, that she has more than two brain cells firing at the same time to get that synergistic effect?

She's a flaming liberal--supports abortion-on-demand--so she'll get reelected no matter how stupid she is.  Gawd, I'm living in a nightmare.


Auntie Ann said...

I always wonder how Feinstein can stand Boxer. Whatever you think of Feinstein's politics, I don't think anyone doubts that she is one smart lady.

To be continually grouped with Boxer must be torture for her.

Ellen K said...

Her one accomplishment? She evidently knows which palms to grease.

Anonymous said...

B Boxer and her war on women? Send her to Pakistan or Afghanistan or hairybackistan so she can see what a real war on women is like.

maxutils said...

It actually is the Republicans. Boxer is an idiot, but the Republicans always run their good candidates against Feinstein, who despite her China loving husband, is semi reasonable ... Boxer has yet to face a decent Republican candidate.