Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Stare At Me When I Lecture To You

You will pay attention:
In distance learning and online training, by contrast, students could always easily slack off – until now. A Silicon Valley startup has just introduced an iPad application that uses the device’s built-in camera to watch the trainee. If the person turns his or her focus away, the program will pause after three to five seconds. It will only restart when the user is again looking directly at the screen.

Over time, the company, Mindflash Technologies also wants to monitor how people using their training programs are reacting. Are they laughing, confused, deeply engaged? They plan to gather detailed information about students, but what separates the program from creepy Big Brotherism is their promise to aggregate data only on the group and not individual level...

“This certainly has the potential to be labeled as Big Brotherish…especially on the backs of the NSA stuff,” said Vieira. “We’re confident that the benefits far outweigh any concerns that people might have."  link
It would be kinda hard to take notes with this software....

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