Saturday, September 28, 2013


I went in to work today--something I never do on a weekend--to install some hardware and software so I can replace the LCD projector in my classroom with the 4k tv I have, only to find out that somehow I don't have the required administrative permissions to install the software on my computer, even though I've installed other software on that computer just fine, thankyouverymuch.  Now I have to wait until I can get our district techies either to install the software or to grant me the appropriate permissions.

What a goatscrew.

And in an hour I have to go back to work to chaperone a dance.  Before midnight tonight I'll have spent an hour and a half on the road just going to/from work today, which would be somewhat tolerable if I'd have been able to accomplish something earlier.

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Anonymous said...

... At least your techies actually will install the software?

Ours won't even show up on campus. We had to hack into them to even be able to use them. We've had these computers 3 years, and they still haven't come to set them up for us.

In the district tech meetings, they routinely leave us off the reports, as if we don't exist.