Wednesday, September 04, 2013


This is somehow "inappropriate"?  If they'd raffled off a bottle of wine, would that also be inappropriate?  More, or less so, and why?
Lucama Elementary School in North Carolina has come under scrutiny after it raffles off a rifle at an upcoming fundraiser at an event called Fun Fest. The rifle was donated by the Delta Waterfowl Foundation.

The district’s superintendent approved the gun as an item for auction on the condition that it would never be on campus.

“The gun will never see Lucama Elementary,” said Ryan Beamon, chairman of a regional chapter of Delta Waterfowl, according to The Wilson Times. “It will never be within 10 miles of the school.”

Students will not be permitted to purchase or distribute tickets for the raffle, reports local outlet WRAL-TV. Nevertheless, some parents question the district’s decision to raffle the gun.

“With everything that’s been going on, it does seem a little inappropriate,” parent Tim Langley told news station WTVD-TV.

“It’s a gun. A gun is a gun,” parent Sonya Bullock said to the outlet. “If I would have known, I wouldn’t be selling tickets for my girls.”
Tim and Sonya are pansies.  I think some people just like to complain.

Hat tip to reader PeggyU.


maxutils said...

Agreed. A donated gun is no worse than a donated bottle of wine, which is common at school auctions ...and the wine is usually displayed at the school. I've seen it many a time. I don't think this would play in CA, but in NC, where hunting is more common, I see no issue.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Not pansies, utterly self-indulgent.

If they don't like something it's bad and there's no point in trying to discuss the matter. By the objective, and unappealable, standard of Tim and Sonya compressing their lips to a thin, disapproving line everyone should know everything they need to.

And yet some people do want to discuss the matter. Some people don't see that what Tim and Sonya (and all lefties) want is what's right and proper and who'd argue against what's right and proper? Someone who's stupid or crazy or evil. Or some combination.