Monday, September 16, 2013

Only In Leftie-Bizarro-World Would This Be Considered Acceptable

Actually, in Leftie-Bizarro-World this could conceivably be required:
A Texas Christian University professor reached out in an e-mail to a group of students he deemed to be “of color” to help them succeed in his class. But the move backfired with at least one student, who was insulted at being included for her perceived ethnicity...

The student said she doesn’t strongly identify as Hispanic, although her last name is of Hispanic origin and she is one-quarter Hispanic. She wondered how – so early in the year – the professor had found a group of students to approach, other than by selecting Hispanic-sounding names from the class roster. She said she also wondered, and doubted, whether her fellow "Understanding Religion: Society and Culture” students without last names of Hispanic origins had received the same offer.

That student said she liked the class and enjoyed Piñon’s teaching, but that his offer seemed unfair. She noted a visit she'd made to a Fort Worth Library exhibit on 20th-century agricultural labor activist César Chávez for Piñon’s class, which focuses on Latin American religions. "I was reading about how he was segregated because he was a Mexican, and that's what [the professor's] doing to the rest of us, in a way. I mean, it's special attention and favoring them"...

In an e-mailed statement, Piñon said that the intent of his e-mail was "misunderstood."
The entire text of the email is included at the link.  I don't think it was "misunderstood" at all.


pseudotsuga said...

Oh wheel of lefty morality, spin spin spin;
teach us to overcome our white man sin!

Ellen K said...

You should hear some of the rhetoric from UTA professors on Reconquista. One of the heads of the movement is tenured there. I am frankly surprised that normally conservative TCU allows such things, but then again, it's been going on at my alma mater SMU for years under pressure from the political wing of the theology school. Social justice trumps common sense.