Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Get The Health Aspect Of This Story, But Come On.

Should adults be allowed to pay for food in what amounts to a glorified dinner party in a private home?  The Nannies of New York say "no", I say "yes".
Clandestine dinner parties like the one Leitner attended have become more common in New York City. And insiders told Leitner they are completely unregulated.

When asked at the dinner, “do you ever worry about getting caught?” Michael Patlazhan responded, “I definitely do.”

Patlazhan is a professional chef who also hosts underground supper clubs. He cooks with blow torches, nitrogen and even a vacuum machine to create unusual meals.

“That’s the things with supper clubs, they’re in a sense illegal just because they are underground no one knows about them. So if the Health Department did come they would obviously shut it down. So there’s always a little bit of worry,” Patlazhan said.

To stay under the radar, Patlazhan changes the location every time and keeps the guest list exclusive through a members-only website.
It's ridiculous that adults have to act this way because of their government.


Anonymous said...

It *IS* ridiculous, but I also expect that part of the fun is that it is borderline illegal. This gives the folks participating a bit of an extra rush (at no real danger ... it isn't like anyone is going to go to jail over this or have a career ruined).

I figured that raves have/had much the same dynamic ...

-Mark Roulo

PeggyU said...

Well, they say there's no such thing as a "free" lunch, but I always thought that meant something else!