Thursday, September 12, 2013

Halfway There

45 days ago I started the limoncello.  I zested 17 lemons and added the peelings to 1-1/2 liters of 151 proof Everclear.  Today was the 45th day it sat in my closet.

After work this evening I dissolved 3-1/2 cups of sugar into 5 cups of water.  As soon as that "simple syrup" cools down I'll add it to the liquor.

And it will sit for another 45 days in my closet.

Around the end of October I plan on hosting our weekly TGIF get-together (AKA 7th period) from work.  We'll meet out on my patio, a few people will bring snackies, and we'll see if I brewed up a good batch or not.

Sometimes, life is good.

Update:  Before I added the sugar water the alcohol had absorbed a some of the yellow color from the zest but it was still quite transparent.  I just mixed the two solutions and immediately it turned the dark, mostly opaque yellow color that limoncello should be.  Lookin' good....


allen (in Michigan) said...

Try it with raspberries.

I brought in a bottle of my raspberry liquor and the mooches in for the Men's club I belong to and they vacuumed up half the bottle before I could rescue it. We didn't get much business done that evening either.

Darren said...

Sounds fun.

I was thinking oranges, since I have a couple small orange trees that would give me just enough "zest".