Thursday, July 04, 2013

Patio Cover, Days 1, 2, and 3

Day 1 (actually Night 1) I did nothing but take this picture of the assembly area:

On Day 2 I did nothing.  On Day 3 I started opening the two boxes and setting the hundreds of parts around my garage.  My plan was to work on this at night, but the mere 25 degree temperature savings isn't enough--it's still uncomfortably warm out--and I can't see what I'm doing with just the small patio light on, so I'm going to have to bear down and work during the day.  Step 1 in the instructions is to assemble the outer frame of the roof, and it requires 4 parts per side plus some nuts, bolts, and washers; I found the appropriate parts and staged them in the assembly area:

The instructions have the gazebo being built in 6 major operations with the parts labeled by operation: Parts 1A through 1D are for Step 1, 2A-2Z (or whatever) are for Step 2, etc.  Tomorrow I want to identify each of the parts in my garage, group them by step number, and if I'm not dying of the heat by that time, start Step 1.

Again, I plan to post my progress each day as a motivating tool for myself.

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