Monday, July 08, 2013

Krugman Finally Gets A Clue

From the New York Times:
Friday’s employment report wasn’t bad. But given how depressed our economy remains, we really should be adding more than 300,000 jobs a month, not fewer than 200,000. As the Economic Policy Institute points out, we would need more than five years of job growth at this rate to get back to the level of unemployment that prevailed before the Great Recession. Full recovery still looks a very long way off. And I’m beginning to worry that it may never happen. 
Really, Paul?  Not a "full recovery"?  Why do you think that is?   Could it have anything to do with that socialist in the White House, and all the social legislation that you've cheered for so long?  You think maybe?

Of course you don't.  You stopped thinking a long time ago.

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