Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Wrong? Moving The Goalposts? Lying? Some Combination Of Those?

The brazenness of liberals:
President Barack Obama and his supporters sold Obamacare as a plan to cover everyone while bringing down health insurance premiums and government health care spending. Anyone who expressed skepticism that the bill could offer more coverage to more people for less money or pointed out possible unintended consequences was maligned as a partisan liar. Now that it turns out, yes, more coverage for more people requires many people to pay more money, Obamacare supporters are simply asserting this is a great trade-off and they shouldn’t be held to the promises they made about Obamacare’s outcomes.
Oh, we were also racist.  Don't forget racist.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

Socialist policy that's not working out? Shocking! It could only be the wicked machinations of conservatives that's caused this to occur since socialism has such a glorious history of success!

Why social security's a clear example of the success of...OK, maybe not social security.

Umm, welfare's such a clear example of the success of...OK, maybe not welfare.

Uhh, government supplied housing's such a clear example of...OK, maybe not government supplied housing.

Well, I'm sure there are just oodles of examples of the success of socialist ideas enacted into law but not a single oodle springs to mind just now. Perhaps some of our lefty correspondents can fill the gap?