Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Rubble Don't Make Trouble"

Republicans should stop their attacks on government:
Many conservatives are surprised and saddened by the government’s recent attacks on us. The IRS has been targeting conservatives, the Department of Justice is going after Fox News, and the State Department fudged facts about Benghazi to help the Democrat president get re-elected. Conservatives feel hurt and angry that the government is actively working against us and in the interests of our political opponents, and we have reacted largely by pushing for retaliation. We want people fired. We want people in prison. We want a flat tax instituted and the IRS completely abolished. But before we take action and fight back, there is one question we should ask ourselves: Why does the government hate us?

I know it’s a question many conservatives want to avoid, but when you look at our actions you can see we’ve given the government every reason to lash out at us. We’ve been invading the government with people who don’t belong there — politicians who don’t even like government and want to strip it of power. And basically the Tea Party movement has been a big, violent threat to cut the government. Really, we conservatives have been doing everything we can to make the government hate us, and then we act surprised when it lashes out? That’s just the chickens coming home to roost.
Yes, it's written tongue-in-cheek.  Read the whole thing; I like the ending.

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