Monday, December 17, 2012

What The Hell Are They Thinking?

Back in the Golden Age of West Point (1983-1987), drugs weren't an especially big problem.  We got popped for random urinalysis tests, and I can only remember once when someone came up "hot".  If there was drug use in The Corps, its existence was virtually unknown to me.  Alcohol?  Gawd yes.  I was known to keep a bottle available once or twice (literally) during my tenure there, but drugs?  Who had that kind of money?

It turns out that several of today's midshipmen do:
When the Naval Academy closed its 11-month investigation last year into the use of synthetic marijuana by midshipmen, officials said they’d dismissed 16 mids — but found no evidence of drug dealing.

What the academy’s account didn’t reveal was just how significant a drug culture Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents found.

The investigation ended the military careers of at least 27 midshipmen, including those allowed to resign while being investigated for drug use and an undetermined number suspected of drug use who were dismissed for collateral reasons.
The only question I can ask is, what they hell were they thinking?

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