Sunday, October 14, 2012

Domestic Policy

Much like yesterday's post on our so-called smart diplomacy--which turns out to be about as smart as the president is--I had planned on doing a post on Obama's domestic policy failures, which are legion.  Rather than spending my time fisking, though, a couple of sentences I read here pretty much sum up the domestic policy reasons that clarify why the man shouldn't be reelected:
Obama didn’t inherit a bad economy, he applied for the job of fixing it. He literally begged to get his hands on it so he could fix it. He ran a competitive campaign to get the job of fixing it and shouted about how bad of a condition it was in. Now he twists it so that it sounds like it was something dumped on him he didn’t really want. He has gone from bragging that only he could fix it, to whining that it was worse than he expected. Why is it that no one calls him out on this? I haven’t heard even the most conservative of pundits call him on this.
Maybe they're not calling him on on this because they're too busy standing on the side of the road, sipping Slurpees, and laughing at the village idiot.

And allow me to be blunt--he is an idiot.  I have seen not a single shred of evidence to the contrary.

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