Monday, August 13, 2012

Radical Left-Wing Activism At UCLA? No Way!

From Breitbart:
UCLA continues to back away from National Dream University, the partnership announced last week by the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Labor College that will offer college courses to illegal aliens around the country.

The partnership is the brain child of two left wing activists, Kent Wong, Director of the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education, and his superior, Professor Chris Tilly, Director of the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE).  Together, Wong and Tilly have turned the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education into a virtually independent rogue operation that engages in partisan political advocacy with little institutional control provided by UCLA...

This independence appears to have been abused with National Dream University, which has set commitment to a left wing pro-union political ideology as a condition for acceptance to its program, as its website specifies:
To be considered for admission to National Dream University you must ... demonstrate commitment to immigrant/labor rights and social justice; (emphasis added)
Reacting to the negative public response brought on by National Dream University's announced mission of offering subsidized college education to illegal aliens while imposing a political litmus test as a standard for acceptance to the program, officials at UCLA have tried to distance the school from the project. "The [National Dream University] initiative between the UCLA Center for Labor Research and the National Labor College was negotiated directly and independently by those two organizations," said Ricardo Vasquez, Senior Public Information Representative in the UCLA Media Relations Department.
So they're not stopping it, they're just trying to separate themselves from the public firestorm that would occur if Californians found out the universities they're funding were doing this.  Brave leaders, those in the UCLA administration.

As for so-called social justice, I demonstrate a commitment to it--but I think that what I consider social justice is a little different than what Wong and Tilly consider to be social justice.


Anonymous said...

The "universities they're funding" can provide financial aid to illegal aliens. What extra firestorm would this add?

-Mark Roulo

Michael said...

I long ago removed my UCLA alumni license plate holder. So glad I don't have a child going there or any UC for that matter!!!

Michael said...

Just got a call from UCLA asking for money....I asked to speak to a supervisor, and politely told her that I will never give money to my alma mater until Wong and Tilley are removed, etc. I was then assured that my comments would go to her supervisor. Hopefully, they'll see that this is hurting their pocketbook.