Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Close Enough To The TSA For A 2-Minute Hate :-)

From Instapundit:
#TSAFAIL: Stranded jet-skier saunters through JFK safeguards. “A stranded jet-skier seeking help effortlessly overcame the Port Authority’s $100 million, supposedly state-of-the-art security system at JFK Airport — walking undetected across two runways and into a terminal, The Post has learned. Motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras of the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, or PIDS, were no match for Daniel Casillo, 31, of Howard Beach, who easily breached the system meant to safeguard against terrorists. . . . Dripping wet and in a bright-yellow life jacket, Casillo climbed the perimeter fence, which is eight feet high, and walked across that runway and intersecting Runway 31L — and made it all the way to Terminal 3 without anyone noticing.” He’s been charged with criminal trespass — no, really — while the officials involved should be charged with criminal negligence. But it’s doubtful that anyone will even lose their job over this.

UPDATE: Reader Brian Medcalf says I’m wrong to blame the TSA, which isn’t responsible for airport perimeter security. That’s a fair point, I suppose.
When liberals/socialists and other assorted statists want to argue with me about the good government can do, they always start with "roads and bridges".  I agree with them.  Government can build static things well.  Dams.  Airports.  Military bases :-)  What government doesn't do all that well is run things:  social security, farm subsidies, drug war, border security, airport security.  Given this, why would you want to turn your health care over to the government?  What evidence do you have, seriously and honestly, that it would be an improvement?

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