Sunday, August 19, 2012

Darned Brits Don't Know English!

I've often wondered why we in the US say "math" whereas the Brits and assorted Commonwealth types say "maths".    A small skirmish over the final 's' was fought in the Twitterverse; I'm not sure who won, but I agree with this sentiment:
“Physics” is just a word with an “s” at the end, not an abbreviation. “Econ” is an abbreviation for a singular concept, and doesn’t get an “s.” “Stats” is an abbreviation for a plural concept, and gets an “s.” Because “mathematics” is not the plural of “mathematic,” there’s no reason for its abbreviation to retain the vestigal “s.”
Darned Brits, learn some English!

Have I ever addressed on this blog why I assert that "data" (in English, not in Latin) is singular, or why I think it's entirely reasonable to split infinitives sometimes, or to end a sentence with a preposition?  If not, I'm armored up and prepared to do battle with the VLL's!  (that's Victorian Luddite Linguists)

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