Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grand Canal Ride

In Venice, there are only two ways to get around--by foot, or by boat.  No bikes, no skateboards, no scooters, no cars, nothing else.

They have a well-developed vaporetto (water bus) system, complete with identified stops, routes, and schedules.  The yellow and white docks you'll see in the video are the vaporetto stops. 

I got on vaporetto route 2 at St. Mark's Square, sat in the front seat, and turned on the video camera, turning it off when we got to the other end of the Grand Canal at the Piazzale Roma.  The video I've loaded here shows that entire ride at 5 times normal speed, so you don't have to sit through the entire 30 minutes....

Update:  For those of you who prefer YouTube over Vimeo, I've uploaded it there, too.  Actually, I think it looks somewhat clearer on YouTube.

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