Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maybe They Were Reading 50 Shades of Grey

No, I haven't read that book (but I've heard in the teacher's lounge at school, of all places, that it's semi-pornographic).  So there's my disclaimer, and now on with the story:
Nine male students were suspended from Bell Middle School for allegedly masturbating while looking at pornography on their cell phones during English class...

The teacher, Ed Johnson, is reportedly under fire because he did not respond to students who told him about the behavior while it was allegedly happening – only saying he would give students referrals if he caught them – then went on reading at his desk...

The teachers union says the allegation the teacher did not follow through and take action is simply that – an allegation made by two students in the classroom.
There's more at the link, of course, but you can tell where that story's going. 

I'm forced to ask, what kind of people are these kids?  What are they learning at home that would even make them about doing this, much less talk to others about it enough to coordinate such an event in class?  I wonder if any of their parents tried to challenge the suspensions by claiming it was the teacher's fault?  I'd definitely like to get some more information about this story.

Hat tip to reader MikeAT.

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