Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey, Rube! They Don't Care About You, Only About Your Money

Do you think union people care one whit about you?  If so, you're wrong--they care only about your money:
A union president's letter shows one school employee union planned to handle automatic dues collection of its members by demanding full payment at the start of the year or requiring its members to give a checking or savings account number or credit card for automatic monthly withdrawals.

Debbie Bence, president of the Plymouth-Canton Cafeteria Association, sent a letter to her union members on June 4 stating that the dues had to be paid as a condition of employment.

Bence said the financial information would be kept confidential and kept at the Michigan Education Association headquarters. News reports state that uinon dues to the MEA are capped at $778 a year.

Bence and MEA Spokesman Doug Pratt haven’t returned messages seeking comment.
Public Act 53 became effective March 16 and prohibited union dues from being automatically deducted from payroll. However, one day after Bence’s letter was dated, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that blocked the law until the legal process plays out.
Payroll deduction was what the unions in Wisconsin were really fighting.  They know that without automatic payroll deduction, their coffers will dry up with a quickness.  U-bots, ask yourself this: do you think most teachers value unions enough to write a check to them?  If you think so, then how do you explain the dramatic drop in union dues collection each time a payroll protection law is passed in this country?  Are teachers too lazy to pay their bills, or do they truly not value what unions provide and opt not to pay when they're allowed to do so?

Silly minion, you don't know what's best for you--so unions will force you to pay (see above, or via payroll deduction) so that your betters and masters can be serviced.

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