Thursday, June 07, 2012

H is for Hypocrisy

You've gotta love our friends on the left. Remember all that "new civility", where martial metaphors and any references to violence were to be off-limits in politics?

“Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat

More such tweets here with a dollop of kumbayyah here.

And do the complaints about "too much money in politics" ring hollow yet?
After their crushing defeat in Wisconsin the coordinated reaction from the White House and their media mouthpieces was sniveling about too much money in politics while ignoring the millions they spent themselves in a futile effort to oust Scott Walker. They’re going to have a tough time keeping a straight face as their party’s leader, fresh off a dozen fundraisers since last Friday, heads to California yet again for another five shakedowns.

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