Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be It Ever So Slight...

...I'll take any improvement I can get.

This past April 23rd, on the anniversary of my skiing accident, I ran a mile just to show I could.  It was an act of defiance for me, a goal I set when I wondered if I'd ever even walk again, at least without a limp.

If you watch that video, though, you see that my running doesn't appear natural or fluid.  My leg wasn't strong enough to catch my entire body weight, flex somewhat, and then push off for the next step, and it's been that way in the intervening months--until yesterday, kinda-sorta.

Yesterday I received a check from the University of Phoenix for working with my student teacher and decided to walk up to the bank to deposit it.  On the way there I had to cross a wide street, and with the cars approaching faster than I preferred I did a hop and started jogging across the street.  Lo and behold, the movement actually felt natural!  My left leg still isn't as strong as my right, but it's close enough now that I didn't feel like I was running on a pegleg.

It may only be on the beginner trails, but I'll be up on the slopes again this coming winter.

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