Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are Our Friends On The Left Protesting Now?

No?  I didn't think so.  Of course, I didn't think they were serious the first time they protested.  They weren't protesting warrantless surveillance of terrorists, they were merely protesting President Bush:
A House committee on Tuesday reauthorized broad electronic eavesdropping powers that largely legalized the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

The House Judiciary Committee, following the Senate Intelligence Committee’s lead last month, (.pdf) voted 23-11 to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act. The legislation, expiring at year’s end, authorizes the government to electronically eavesdrop on Americans’ phone calls and emails without a probable-cause warrant so long as one of the parties to the communication is outside the United States. The communications may be intercepted “to acquire foreign intelligence information.”  link
If it was "trampling on the Constitution" under President Bush, what is it under President Obama?

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