Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Does The CTA Do Right?

Nothing, in my opinion, and nothing in the opinion of this fellow, either:
Troy Senik’s “The Worst Union in America,” is a deadly accurate piece which appears in the Spring 2012 edition of City Journal. Not surprisingly, the author was referring to the California Teachers Association, the state affiliate of the National Education Association. It wasn’t too hard for Senik to make his case because the evidence is, well, overwhelming. With its ever ready cash on hand (forcibly taken from teachers who have no choice but to fork it over), CTA has stopped every meaningful education reform measure that has been proposed, ensured that meaningless reforms like small class size in early grades are mandated, protects underperforming and criminal teachers, bullies political opponents and encourages lawbreaking when it is to their political advantage.
These views may explain why the author is the president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.  He's clearly a brilliant and perceptive guy, linking (just above the picture, about 2/3 down) to my humble blog :-)

OK, Larry and I are predisposed not to like the CTA.  Fair enough.  But I challenge anyone here (especially the u-bots!) to tell me where Larry's wrong with the points he brings up in his article.  Do share with us not only where Larry is mistaken, but give us your unvarnished "truth".  I defy you.

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