Friday, May 18, 2012

Nowhere On The Planet

Last year I bought a 3D camera.  It was made in the 90s, but since I have a couple pieces of "technology" that will someday end up in a museum I thought this might make for a nice addition--especially at only $10.

I could find only one company on the planet that would develop the film for this camera, and in February I sent them a roll of film from my cousin's wedding reception.  Today I received the following email from them:
Hello Darren;
I’m afraid I just learned that the 3D printer is permanently broken so I will not be able to do your prints. Please do not send any more film or money. My other services are unaffected.
I will refund your money and return your film but it will take some time. I will have to get back the film from the printer.
Thank you for using the service.
I may be starting a new digital 3D print service in the future. Look at the home page of the Snap 3D website for news on this.
Sorry about the end of the film service.
If you learn of any new companies that will develop 3D prints, please let me know!

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