Thursday, May 24, 2012

More School Idiocy

On the heels of this story of a nurse who almost let an asthmatic student die because he didn't have a signed form comes this story of high quality dental care in school:

A Framingham mother is demanding answers after her son’s tooth was pulled at school by a teacher’s aide. What made the matter worse was the tooth wasn’t even loose.

Mother Sabrina Grant said her 10-year-old autistic son Chris Quirk went to the Wilson Elementary School one day last week with a loose tooth. When he came home, Grant said a different molar had been pulled out without parental permission by a teacher’s aide.

“When I realized he got off the bus it was the wrong tooth they had pulled out, it was even worse,” said Grant.

She said she received an email from his fourth-grade teacher saying the loose tooth had been a distraction.
You know what else is a distraction?  A criminal complaint and a civil lawsuit.

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