Monday, May 21, 2012

Idiots In Oregon

Wily, or stupid?
Management sent layoff notices to seven of the 42 professional staffers and 13 of the 40 associate staffers, for a combined layoff of almost 25 percent. As you might imagine, the staff contracts set seniority as the top criterion for layoffs, with the last-in to be the first-out. But OEA management is trying to throw a curveball past its own employees.

Instead of laying off in reverse order of hiring, the union is laying off in reverse order of positions being created. This has resulted in two employees with more than 30 years of experience receiving pink slips.

That's a hell of a maneuver, and one easily replicated by school districts if any had the sand to try it. Can't lay off your most senior employees? Merely appoint them to head the new Teacher Evaluation Center, or some such dodge. Pitch it as a promotion. Then lay them off because they hold the most recently created positions. It's either devilishly clever or delusional. In what reality will the staff union stand for that?

Since OEA's projections are based on removing high-end employees, it might also mean additional layoffs or spending cuts will become necessary when the staff union puts the kibosh on the scheme.
I don't know how other types of unions work, but I've read too many such instances of teachers unions that shaft their staff employees to believe that this is just a one-shot deal.  It's just more evidence that unions don't exist for workers, but for union brass (and the Democratic Party).

UpdateAnother teacher union story, this time from San Diego.

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