Monday, May 07, 2012

Do Unions Care About All Teachers, Or Only Some?

I believe this anecdote is typical and serves to answer the question:
The Clark County School District said layoffs are likely to happen after some 18,000 teachers won arbitration for pay raises.

On Wednesday, the district said the ruling will result in paying salary increases to teachers for this school year and the next despite a deepening budget deficit.

CCSD said a budget reassessment will move forward and is slated to be presented May 16. The reassessment may reveal how many jobs the district will be forced to eliminate after the pay raises, CCSD indicated.
If you're a newbie, you're just meat.  You don't count.  You're just a source of union dues, and nothing more.

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LindaF said...

That's EXACTLY right - most teachers have NO regard for their "union brothers" - if they're low on the scale. I've seen rules allowed that ONLY applied to the noobs, raises that were a percentage of salary, which led to senior teachers getting fat raises, while the noobs got bupkas, and other examples of the 2-tiered union class system.