Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blast From The Past #2

Going through Statcounter and seeing which posts were looked at in the past few hours, and this one turned up.  It's a post about my opposition to the Every 15 Minutes program and my tentative support, absent evidence proving ineffectiveness, of the Real DUI Court In School program.

The post itself is fine, but the comments afterward show the benefits of having an online community like the one that's developed here with regular readers of RotLC.  An outsider, "PA MOM", jumps right in with a request for help--what a joy it is to see the level of concern and compassion shown to this guest (a stranger) by our digital "family".

Posts like this one make me proud--not because my writing is spectacular, but because of the caliber of reader it's attracted.

(Note:  the followup to the post above is here.)

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