Saturday, May 05, 2012

Another Obama Failure

Has this man done anything right?  I note that almost 3 1/2 years into his presidency the Guantanamo Bay prison is still open; wasn't closing it the very first executive order he signed?  And after trying to get the 9/11 criminals tried in civilian court--in Manhattan, of all places--now they're going to be tried in military tribunals, just like the evil Bush was going to do all along?  Oh, but the tribunals are fair now, they were going to be kangaroo courts under Bush.  Of course they were.
As the United States restarts its effort to prosecute — and ultimately execute — five detainees accused of conspiring in the Sept. 11 attacks, it has fallen to Brig. Gen. Mark S. Martins both to prove them guilty and to show the world that the tribunal system is now legitimate.  (emphasis mine--Darren)
Nope, no bias at the New York Times....

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