Friday, April 27, 2012

Punished For Wearing Pro-Military Shirts At School?

No, at least not if the information in this story is correct:
The elementary school daughters of a soldier paralyzed in Afghanistan were punished for wearing t-shirts that bore the logo of an organization that provides homes for severely wounded veterans, according to their mother. However, the Texas school district said it has absolutely nothing to do with the logo — and everything to do with the dress code.

The girls, in first grade and fourth grade at Masters Elementary School, were wearing t-shirts provided by “Homes For Our Troops.” Their mother, Josie Perez-Gorda, said they had recently received word that the organization might be offering the family assistance in building a home that would be safe for her husband.

Army Spc. Justin Perez-Gorda was injured by a road-side bomb in Afghanistan, she told San Antonio television station KENS.

“These guys are fighting for our country and they should be able to wear something that honors their parents, especially if they are wounded,” Perez-Gorda told the television station...

“We have a standardized dress code,” Judson ISD spokesperson Aubrey Chancellor told Fox News. “Had the shirt had a collar, it would have been totally fine"...

 Chancellor said the children had previously violated the dress code multiple times. So when the girls showed up with the t-shirts, the principal called Perez-Gorda explained the problem...

“The principal bought two shirts for the kids — so they could wear them,” she said. But the mother declined. Chancellor said she took her children home and called the media.
If everything is as reported,  the school was absolutely correct here and the mother is just wanting a fight.  You don't get to use the military as a shield to get whatever you want.


Steve USMA '85 said...

Using the military card in a case like this degrades that for which those in the military stand.

You don't break a law/rule and say you should be allowed to because it supports the military. If the mother doesn't understand that conundrum, someone needs to educate her.

Frances said...

While it's alright to wear military school shirts on a regular basis, some school might think otherwise and send the kid home if he doesn't have an extra shirt.