Monday, March 19, 2012

Mohegan Sun

If there's a "downtown" Uncasville, I haven't seen it yet. It was sunset as we arrived at the hotel last night, and my impression was that the hotel is kind of remote. Fortunately, though, there's a shuttle bus to the nearby Indian casino.

Good Lord have mercy.

The Mohegan Sun rivals Nevada's casinos in size and grandeur--and word is that there's a larger MGM not too far away. The shopping area inside isn't as big or as impressive as the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, or the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, but the gaming floor made up for any other shortcomings. I had dinner at Johnny Rockets and then hit the slots. I couldn't find any Star Trek slots but I held my own on a Star Wars slot machine. I took my meager winnings to another machine, which proceeded to eat them, but the third slot allowed me to win most of it back. I didn't cover my dinner expense, but the entertainment I had in those couple hours was worth the cost.

It was a late night, especially considering that I got up at 3 am yesterday. The shuttle for the Coast Guard Academy leaves in less than an hour--I'm looking forward to a great day.

I doubt I'll have the energy to revisit the Mohegan Sun tonight.

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