Monday, February 27, 2012

I Should Quit My Pity Party

I sometimes lament how "blue" California is, and how Republicans essentially have no say in how this state is run. While that's true, I can't wear it like a crown--so says Tim Pawlenty:
But after a grueling California Republican Party convention dominated by doubts about the continuing viability of the Golden State’s GOP, Pawlenty’s final-night speech to about 200 party faithful turned out to be the only address that fit the occasion. Rather than denying or rationalizing the party’s looming extinction in the country’s most populated state, the erstwhile Republican presidential candidate merely encouraged the depleted GOP to buck up.

After reciting a long history of Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party dominance in Minnesota – a history that stretches dismally from Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy through Walter Mondale and into the glorious present of Al Franken – Pawlenty concluded, “So don’t whine to me about how hard it is for Republicans in California.”
Buck up. I like that. (Only because I say it a lot.)

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