Friday, December 02, 2011

You Don't Like The Koch Brothers, Whoever They Are?

Then you must *really* not like the 78 organizations above Koch Industries on the influence and lobbying list--and I notice a lot more "leans heavily Democratic" than "leans heavily Republican" in those 78. In fact, you have to go to #19 on the list before you see a single elephant symbol. Five of the top ten donors are unions, and you know which way they lean.


2ndheartmom said...

Interesting statistics...but, don't forget the PACs - of which the top five are three conservative ones. Some of which I'm sure receive funds from those lower on the influence and lobbying list. Just trying to keep it "real"... :)

Personally I find the amount of money flying around in politics by any and all of these organizations to be more than little frightening.

Ellen K said...

I find it so curious that many of the same folks who managed to vilify the Koch brothers ignore Soros, Buffet and countless other liberal billionaires who have greatly benefited from the federal largesse produced by the Obama administration. Please explain.