Saturday, December 03, 2011

TSA--Too Stupid A-holes

Now the design of a gun on a purse gets you detained? Really?
It's not unusual for 17-year-old to find themselves in hot water with the fashion police. But on a flight from Virginia to Florida, Vanessa Gibbs found herself detained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) over the appearance of her purse.

And just to be clear, it wasn't the content inside the purse that the TSA objected to. No, agency officials took exception with the design of a gun on Gibbs' handbag.
They really must be the stupidest people on the planet.


maxutils said...

If handbags are outlawed, only outlaws will have handbags.

Matt Mangels said...

I've noticed in my experience that people from all over the political spectrum who wouldn't normally agree on almost ANYTHING (and trust me Darren, there are plenty of things on this blog that I disagree with) absolutely loathe the TSA. It really does seem like it has something that everyone can hate. Everyone except for those who stand to gain financially from government contracts, of course.

Darren said...

If you agree with everything you read on this blog then you're probably not thinking for yourself.

President Reagan said something like, "If you agree with someone 80% of the time, that person is an ALLY, not a 20% enemy." I hope we're in that 80%, Matt :)