Sunday, December 25, 2011

Occupy This Nativity Scene

These are the people lefties support:

I hope the disinfectant of sunlight is enough to make "occupy" supporters ashamed of their stupidity. Have any of them done anything right yet? Have they accomplished anything positive?

Their movement has petered out, but I'm not going to stop pointing out its flaws. I will ensure they serve as a warning to the next utopians who come along.

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Doug said...

I wonder if any of the people involved on either side recognized that the scripture reference on their poster is incorrect. That quote is not verses 17-20, but rather Luke 2:10-11.

Still, some of the hypocrisy is comical. "76% - what about the other 10%?" And the young Jewish lady is incorrect. Freedom OF religion is not the same as freedom FROM religion.