Sunday, December 04, 2011

A More Dignified Way To Protest

You don't have to forego showers, bang on drums, block access to public or private property, or scream Marxist talking points to make your point. Sometimes, a little creativity and maturity can go a long way:
The most unusual aspect of Utah State's 67-54 loss to Denver on Wednesday night wasn't that the Aggies lost at the Spectrum after 33 consecutive home wins.

It was that maybe the nation's most creative, ear-splitting student section was eerily silent at the opening tipoff.

Already angered by the letter of apology their school president sent BYU regarding taunts aimed at forward Brandon Davies last month, Utah State students grew more irate when an usher warned them Wednesday not to lean over the railings or do certain traditional chants. As a result, the entire Utah State student section staged a silent protest, remaining dead quiet for the first three minutes of the game.
I can't say whether what they're protesting is reasonable or valid or not, I'm commenting only on the conduct of their protest.

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