Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saving Energy

For reasons I'll keep entirely to myself, I volunteered to attend a meeting of district Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 teachers today. One of our excellent retired teachers covered my classes today so I didn't feel too bad about going.

The meeting was held at a former elementary school abutting the district office "campus". The site is now a central enrollment facility, which to my way of thinking makes it a "district" site, with all the perks that connotes.


Our meeting was held in what had been the multi-purpose room. It was cold there. I don't mean slightly chilly, I mean I was actually shivering at times. I expected it to be temperate there--district people get to work in comfort!--but no, it was 63 degrees in that room. And it took quite some time before we were able to get even the slightest amount of heat in there.

The cold, of course, explains why I had to have an extra bagel, as a guy needs to stay warm somehow.

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