Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Big F

I once had a friend whose parents referred to Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino in Reno as "Da F", their native Mandarin for "the Big F", in reference to the script F near the top of the building. I was saddened almost 3 years ago when I saw that Fitzgerald's was closed.

The building is now undergoing some changes:
But we couldn't be happier to report that the old Fitzgerald's Hotel has reopened as CommRow, a 60,000 square foot complex which will feature the world's tallest climbing wall, a world class 7,000 square foot indoor bouldering park, two live entertainment venues and eleven food and beverage vignettes. The first phase is transforming the building into a non-gaming, non-smoking, pet-friendly, no-frills chic hotel.
They've made progress on the climbing wall:

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