Saturday, September 24, 2011

They Don't Like The Tea Party At Harvard

At least this communist doesn't. What's the point of going to Harvard and then going into government if the government's power is winnowed?
A disturbing conference is taking place this weekend, the Conference on the Constitutional Convention. Harvard Law School and the liberal group Fix Congress First are joining forces with the Tea Party Patriots to weigh the merits of a constitutional convention, because “democracy in America is stalled.”

Under the rubric of dialogue and debate between the “Left” and Right about amending the U.S. constitution, this conference will further legitimate the reactionary Tea Party movement.
The horror, actually discussing legally modifying the Constitution in accordance with its own provisions!

But let's cut to the chase:
The U.S. is waging unjust imperial wars. The ecosystems of the planet are endangered. The know-how and technology exist to produce enough food for everyone on the planet; meanwhile some one billion go hungry. Capitalism is a horror and a failure.

I put this challenge to progressive people seeking change and attending this conference. Rather than reaching out to the proto-fascists and Tea Party-ers with their anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and racist-encoded “states rights” agenda, rather than looking to repair a system that has only meant misery and more misery for humanity—why not reach forward to a viable and emancipatory alternative? This is what the Constitution of the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) From the Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S. is about.
Yes, because communism has always been a great success. Does the author work at Harvard, hoping to be "first among equals"? I wonder if he's ever read Animal Farm.

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Steve USMA '85 said...

This gent has to look at what he is saying and try to evaluate the difference causation and correlation. He states the world produces enough food to feed the world. Let's give him that one.

Now, where is the excess food being produced? According to the United Nations, it is here:

Note that predominately capitalist societies are producing the excess food. From this, the author states capitalism is a horror and failure.

Could it be that the countries who don't produce enough food, in general, have economic structures which are even a bigger horror and failure because they can't produce their own food?