Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Murder, Or Two?

You can't simultaneously support abortion and call this a double-homicide a la Lacy and Connor Peterson:
A woman allegedly shot to death by her boyfriend on Sunday night in Colfax has been identified.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department says the woman is 30-year-old Sarah Burr from Grass Valley. Burr’s family tells CBS13 that Burr was pregnant at the time of her death.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, yes, one can.

We draw legal distinctions between different sorts of killing. For example, executing a legally sentenced criminal is not usually considered murder.

One can, with enough cleverness, construct a system where the pregnant mom (or her proxy, a doctor) can kill a fetus without it being murder. At the same time other folks do not have that right.

The big logical problem for the pro-choice crowd (I'll use their preferred term) is that this reasoning has to grant that the unborn child is human. The logical conclusion is that abortion kills a human, but that it is legally sanctioned and thus not murder.

Logically sound, if a bit tangled :-(

-Mark Roulo

Anonymous said...

Darren that is another one of your uses of bizarre logic. Let me get this straight you think this somehow similar to abortion. A fetus killed without the mothers consent is and abortion?

maxutils said...

What Mark said.

Darren said...

Anonymous, I can't even understand what idiotic point you were trying to make.

My point is very clear; if you disagree, just say so, but stop trying to be clever about it--because you fail.

Anonymous said...

There certainly is a great deal you don't understand, including the concept of insurance.

PestoDave said...

A woman deciding to have an abortion is some how the same as someone killing her fetus against her will?

Darren said...

Then you read the blog of a stupid man--why, exactly?

Darren said...

The innocent fetus is dead either way, Pesto.

The abortion discussion is now over. Don't like that? Go comment somewhere else.